1. Love for God


Hello! In this video lesson, we will discuss the topic of love for God and why it is essential for us as believers to evangelize. We will cover the following points:

  1. Our love for God should motivate us to evangelize: As believers, we should have a deep love for God that drives us to share the Good News of the Gospel with others. It is our love for Him that compels us to bring Him glory and honor by spreading His message.
  2. Sharing the Gospel is a commandment: Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is not an optional task but a command that applies to every believer.
  3. Evangelism brings glory to God: When someone comes to faith in Jesus, it is a testimony to the power and grace of God. Evangelism is a way to bring God glory and honor as we see people come to know Him.
  4. Evangelism is a powerful testimony to the love and grace of God: By sharing the Gospel, we demonstrate the love and grace of God in a powerful way. We have experienced His love and grace in our lives, and we want to share this with others.
  5. We should evangelize out of obedience to God: Ultimately, we should evangelize because it is what God has commanded us to do. We are called to be obedient to His will and to share the Good News of the Gospel with those who do not yet know Him.

In conclusion, we should evangelize out of our love for God, our desire to bring Him glory, and our obedience to His commands. By sharing the Gospel, we can demonstrate the love and grace of God and participate in the work of God’s kingdom.

Attempt the questions underneath this lesson to measure your comprehension before advancing to the next lesson.


  1. What is the primary reason believers should evangelize, according to the lesson?
  2. How does our love for God relate to evangelism, according to 1 John 4:19?
  3. Why is loving God with all our hearts the foundation of everything else we do as believers?
  4. What is the Great Commission, and how does evangelism fulfill it?
  5. How does evangelism bring glory to God, according to the lesson?
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